End-User Agility Setup in Hoylu

To integrate Agility with Hoylu:

 You need a Agility Token First.

1.  Go to your Agility Homepage.

2. Under the Digital.ai Agility page, select the user icon in the top right-hand corner

3. Select the Applications option

4. When the "Applications To Add" screen appears, enter an application name.

5. Copy token and apply in Hoylu Workspace 

✏️Note: Once you've copied your token you will not be able to reaccess this token.


Figure1: Retrieving Agility Token

To apply Agility token within Hoylu: 

1. Open your Workspace

2. Select the Import to Workspace icon

3. Select the "Import from Agility"

4. Allow time for the Agility window to appear


 Figure 2: First-time Token Login