End-User Agility Setup in Hoylu

To integrate Agility with Hoylu:

 You need an Agility Token First.

1.  Go to your Agility Homepage.

2. Under the Digital.ai Agility page, select the user icon in the top right-hand corner, where you normally go to change your password or log out

3. Select the Applications option

4. When the "Applications To Add" screen appears, enter an application name.

5. Copy token and apply in Hoylu Workspace 

✏️Note: Once you've copied your token you will not be able to reaccess this token, so make to save it on a note or email to yourself for later.


Figure 1: Retrieving Agility Token

To apply Agility token within Hoylu: 

1. Open your Workspace

2. Select the Import to Workspace icon

3. Select the "Import from Agility"

4. Allow time for the Agility window to appear


 Figure 2: First-time Token Login