Duplicate or Copy Workspaces

-Duplicating a Workspace.

-Copy and Pasting between Workspaces.



Duplicating a Workspace

1. Go to your Dashboard.

2. Select the three dots in the lower right corner of the Workspace tile.

3. Select Duplicate.



      Figure 1: Duplicating Your Workspace.


4. Input a new name for your Workspace.

5. Confirm your action by pressing Duplicate.


Figure 2: Confirm Duplicate.


The duplicated Workspace will have the same permissions as the old one, but will not have any passwords. The user will have to assign new passwords to that Workspace.

If the original Workspace has a password, it will be required to input that password in order to duplicate the Workspace.



Copy and Pasting between Workspaces

You can also copy and paste between Workspaces. You can select multiple pages of a Workspace and copy it into a new Workspace.

1. Make your selection with the Lasso or Harpoon Tool.

2. When the Menu pops up, select the Copy icon on the top left of the menu.

3. Paste those objects into a separate Workspace.



Figure 3: Copy and Paste Between Workspaces.