Embedding Portals into a Workspace


Embedding Videos from YouTube:

To embed a video into a Workspace you will need to pick the appropriate video from Youtube. 

1.Once you've selected your video, copy the browser link.

2. Open the Workspace

3. Right-click on a blank space in the Workspace and select the paste option that pops up. 



                    Figure 1: Embedding a Video into a Workspace.

Embedding Maps:

To embed a Map you will need to open Google.

1.Enter a location you wish to display in the Google search bar.


             Figure 2: Entering a Location on Google.


2.  Select the Maps option under the search bar.

3. On the left side of the search bar, select the menu icon.

4. Select the option to "share or embed map".

5. Once the share screen pops up, select "Embed a map


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             Figure 3: How to Find Google Maps Embed Link.


6. Copy the HTML link.

7. In the Workspace open a Textbox using the text tool on your toolbox and paste the HTML link.

8. Select the Check in the upper left corner of the textbox.


           Figure 4: Inserting Google Maps Embedding Link into Hoylu.

Embedding Office Documents & PowerPoints

1. Select the File option from the taskbar.

2. Select Share.

3. Select Embed.

4. Copy the  embed code.

5. In the Workspace click a Textbox using the text tool on your toolbox and paste the copied link.

6. Select the check in the upper left corner of the textbox.


Figure 5: How to Insert Microsoft Documents and PowerPoints into Hoylu.


✏️ Note: Make sure you're opening the document you want to embed in a web browser so you can grab the embed code properly.

😎 Pro Tip: When inserting a Textbox in the Workspace, bring it to the upper left-hand corner of the page so when you embed a file it fits on that single page.