Enterprise FAQ

Do you offer Single Sign On integrations?

Hoylu offers organizations the option of integrating with their existing Azure Active Directory infrastructure to enable single sign-on and licensing of their users. If your organization is interested in this option, please contact admin.support@hoylu.com for supplementary documentation.

Is there a dedicated Account Manager with my Enterprise Subscription?

Your success is our success at Hoylu so we provide a dedicated Customer Success Representative to handle all your Hoylu needs. You'll also have access to our entire Customer Success Team for customized On-boarding based on your individual needs.

What is the management process for my companies licenses?

Hoylu offers a management portal where licenses can be assigned and security protocols can be edited. We require an enterprise agreement and a dedicated administrator to facilitate best practices.


Can I edit licensed users?

Administrators cannot delete a user account; however, administrators can remove an account from an organization. When an account is removed, the license is returned to the pool of available licenses.

Where can I find my available licenses?

The number of licenses available to assign to accounts is listed at the top of the Available Licenses list, the rightmost list on the page.



Does Hoylu hold any security certifications?

Hoylu is in the process of obtaining FedRAMP (Moderate) Ready status. This rigorous U.S. government security certification is for cloud based services. Our security team is happy to work with your organization's internal security reviews to answer any questions you have.

What cloud service is the data stored on?

Your workspace and account data is stored on Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services.

What does Hoylu do with the data collected?

Organizations own their own workspace data, and Hoylu does not have access to any private workspace contents. Hoylu employs the principle of least priviledged access to any customer account information.

Does Hoylu follow GDPR regulations? 

Yes, Hoylu follows GDPR regulations. If you ever need to withdraw consent, please notify Hoylu at https://www.hoylu.com/consent-withdrawal/