Hoylu Flow

Flow is an infinite digital pin board that enables you to produce a structured set of information from project management, process flows and agile scrum boards. Connected Workspaces™ allows you to share and actively work with others in real time.

Using Hoylu Flow

Flow turns everything you write into a note. To start a new note simply start writing on the board with a pen or your finger. As you write the area will be surrounded by a dynamically sized box. When you are done writing the note tap outside the box.

You can connect multiple notes together by dragging from the dot above one note to the other. The software will create a line from the origin pin pointing toward the end point.

If you ever need to erase something in Flow, without lifting your pen draw 3 lines directly over each other. Anything touched by the 3 lines will be deleted.


Opening and Creating a Workspace

Create documents with a pre-installed template or a custom template.

Open A Saved Workspace (Saved file on computer):
Menu >  Open >  Browse on disk > Select Document

Open An Existing Shared Workspace:
Menu >  Open >  Open Shared… > Type in 9 Digit Document ID

Create New Workspace:
Menu >  New >  Select template or  Select custom template


Importing into a Workspace

Assemble and differentiate your Workspace from others with the import option. The import option allows you to add many different objects directly into your workspace. Try the drag and drop function from the menu and your native files too!

Menu >  Import > Icons > Drag and drop icon
You can change the color of your shapes at the top before using in a workspace.

Menu > Import >  Emojis > Drag and drop emoji

Menu >  Import >  Shapes > Drag and drop shape
You can change the color of your shapes at the top before using in a workspace.

Menu >  Import >  Images >  Add folder or Browse folders > Select desired folder > Drag and drop image into the workspace.
Or from your file finder you can drag and drop any image into the workspace.

PDF Documents:
Menu >  Import > PDF Document > Browse to open file finder > Select PDF

PowerPoint Presentations:
Menu > Import >  PowerPoint presentations > Browse to open file finder > Select PowerPoint

BIM Objects:
Menu >  Import >  BIM object > Drag and drop desired product


Working with Grouped Notes

1 Write in the background to create a new note > Tap on the sub-menu to open up options

2 Once you have customized your notes, you are ready to start grouping your notes into separate sections, you can separate them by color or shapes

3 Once you are done with your note, tap on top circle> drag the line to show relationship with another note> Circle all over the notes to create a group


Working with Objects in your Workspace

There are great amount of options when wanting to diversify your notes, and here are different ways to do so once you start writing your note.

Note Menu

  •  Confirm
    • Once you are done writing you note, tap on the check mark symbol to lock in your writing to begin customizing your notes
  •  Adjust Opacity
    • Prioritize your notes by adding depth from light, medium, and dark which indicates the level priority
  • Change Shape
    • Customize your notes with the many different shape options
  •  Change Color
    • Change your notes to the many color options to differentiate each note
  •  Delete
    • Delete a relationship element by slashing through the stroke

Main Object Menu

  •  Duplicate
  •  Copy
  •  Cut
  • Delete
    • Delete a relationship element by slashing through the stroke

Left Sub Menu: Formatting

  •  To Mindmap
    • Create an outline within your group of notes
  • To Landmark
    • Tapping on the “To Landmark” option converts your notes into a placeholder once you zoom out of your notes, this will become more emphasized
  •  Edit
  • Export
  • Print
  •  Background
  • Add/Edit Link
    •  Add/Edit Link > Enter new link > Ok
  • Convert to Text

Right Sub Menu: Change Color



The Options page has a lot of customizable features to help you manipulate the way the software behaves. When the software installs, it looks for specific system settings and prepares itself accordingly to allow for ideal functionality. However, in this section we are going to go over these options and what they do.

  • Display with touch support: This is for touch enable panels. It allows for touch interactions to be counted as inputs into Flow. It is not useful for the HoyluWall as it is reducing the number of inputs into the system to one. Changing to this option will require a restart of the software to take effect.
  • Display with pen support: This is used for multi user displays. It can be used for touch enable display but is primarily used for the HoyluWall. Changing to this option will require a restart of the software to take effect.
    • Pen can be used for drawing. Touch will move the canvas; A touch interaction will move the entire canvas.
    • Pen can be used for drawing. Touch will start a harpoon selection; A touch interaction will act a s a harpoon selection tool.
    • Pen can be used for drawing. Touch will start a lasso selection; A touch interaction will create a lasso selection.
    • Pen can be used for drawing. Touch will behave like a pen; A touch interaction will act like a pen interaction.
  • Optimize applications UI for (Large screens or wall, small display or laptop); This option changes the way the UI is presented to the user. Small display will mount the menu to the right side and will lock its position. Large display will allow for the menu to be mobile across the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Send template data; Having this option checked wills end the template to a shared Flow document. Without this option checked the template will not be uploaded to the cloud.
  • Fix flow:// links; This option will generate a link for cloud-based documents that you can use to view the shared document.
  • Advanced Options; Advanced options are for fixing the aspect ratio and page sizes for the scale of the screen being used. This part of the software is usually autodetected. It is recommended that you do not change the settings. Any changes made in this section effect a new document, so after changes you will need to create a new document to see their effects.