Grouping, Aligning, Stacking, Layering

- Grouping

- Aligning

- Stacking

- Layering


By stacking your sticky notes, you can bring your selected elements together, based on how you define the order through our layering features — “Bring to Front” or “Send to Back.” We also added additional text formatting options for notes and text elements




To Group objects or notes:

1. Using a Selection tool, select the objects you'd like to group

2. Select the Group icon  on the left of the menu that appears

To Ungroup:

1. Select the group of items you wish to ungroup

2. Select the Ungroup icon on the left of the menu that appears 


Figure 1: Grouping and Ungrouping

✏️ Note: The Ungroup icon will be in the same place on the pop-up menu where you originally selected the Group icon. 



To Align objects: 

1. Using the selection tools, select the objects or group you'd like to align

2. When the menu appears, select the align icon

3. Another menu will pop up with alignment options, choose the option you'd like to align to 



Figure 2: Alignment Tool



To Stack groups:

1. Using the selection tools, select the group you'd like to Stack

2. When the menu appears, select the stack icon


Figure 3: Stacking a Group

💡Tip: Double click on a stack to re-open all the stickies into its original formation. 


To Layer objects:

1. Select the object you'd like to reposition

2. Select the Menu when it appears

3. Select the Layering Icon in the bottom right corner of the menu

4. Select the position you'd like to move the object to



Figure 4: Layering Objects 


✏️ Note: Be mindful that each object has its own level of priority within the layers, so if you drop an image on top of an existing sticky note, the sticky note will always come to the forefront.