Editing Workspace Permissions

How can I edit permissions?

If you want to set and edit permissions to a Workspace you've created, select Share on your Workspace.


Figure 1 Share


If your Workspace is shared and you have default settings applied to the Workspace, it will be accessible to anyone who has the link or the 9-digit ID for the Workspace.


Figure 2 Default settings

To learn how to Share your Workspace with a 9-digit ID, see this article.


You can also apply a password to the Workspace to limit the people who have access.


Figure 3 Password set

You can decide what rights to assign to users. From a drop down list you can choose:

  • Everyone can edit – all users will be able do add/edit/remove content in your Workspace,
  • Everyone can read only – all users will be able to only view content in your Workspace,
  • Everyone cannot access – this will make your workspace basically private, all users that have been granted access before will not be able to join anymore.

Figure 4 Edit permissions


You can assign permissions individually. Go to Share settings. Choose Everyone can read only or cannot access. The Advanced option will then become available.


Figure 5 Enable advanced settings


You will be able to see the owner of the Workspace here. You will also have the option of adding new users and assigning their individual permissions.


Figure 6 Advanced settings