Creating Workspaces

How do I create Workspaces?

Hoylu offers a wide range of Workspaces and Modules. We are constantly expanding the existing library. For the purpose of this example, we are going to use a Blank Workspace.

From your Dashboard, under the Create Workspace section, select Blank Workspace:


Figure 1: Select Workspace


A new popup will appear, where you can assign a name for your Workspace and make the decision of whether or not to make your Workspace private (not shared with anyone), you can also change those settings later from your Dashboard.


                   Figure 2: Create Workspace


After you select Continue, your new Workspace will open. All your Workspaces will be accessible from your Dashboard.

You can create all types of Workspaces and Modules in this manner. Sometimes there are additional options when creating a Workspace or a Module. For detailed descriptions, go to Modules/Workspaces.

✏️Note: When inside the Workspace select the Hoylu logo in the top left corner to get back to your Dashboard.