Hoylu October 22' Release Details

The latest release includes: 

  • Agile Planning Module Enhancements 

- Convert Notes into Agility Tickets


October 2022 Release Video Overview 



Agile Planning Module Enhancements 


Description automatically generatedOur October Releases brings big enhancements to our Agile Planning Module. Agility users can now convert Hoylu notes into agility tickets. 


Convert Notes into Agility Tickets

1. Using your lasso tool from the Hoylu Toolbox, select the Hoylu notes you’d like to convert into agility tickets. 

2. Click on the content menu icon.

3. Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generatedThen, select the  icon.

4. A drop down menu will appear, where you’ll select Send to Agility.  

5. A new pop-up box will appear, where you’ll be asked to select the Asset Type and Scope.  

a. Asset Type: When selecting Asset Type you’ll be asked to choose a value based on the type of ticket you’d like to create (Example: Portfolio Item Backlog, Defect) 

b. Scope: Select the scope based on the available dropdown menu options (Note: this will vary depending on your Agility integrations). 


6. Once completed, hit the Send button to send the notes to Agility. This process will automatically turn the Hoylu notes into Agility Tickets.  


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7.Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated If you’d like to make any changes to the new Agility Tickets, simply click on the ticket where the Agility Issue box will appear.  

8. Double-click on any text box to enter the desired data.

9. When completed, hit Save. This will automatically send the data back to Agility.  

10. Additionally, from Hoylu, you can access the Agility Ticket within the software by simply clicking on the link noted on the ticket’s upper-left corner.  

For a short demonstration of this new enhancement, please watch the below video. 




Pull Planning Module Enhancements 

In this release we’ve made several enhancements to our Pull Planning Module to improve the user experience. Additional enhancements are tentatively slated for the November release. 

Dynamic Text Rendering on Tasks

Based on client feedback, we’ve made improvements to the Zooming in and out features of text within a swimlane task. Previously, when zooming in or out of the task, the text size remained the same. Now, the text size will grow smaller and more descriptive text will appear. 

1. From within your Swimlane, simply Zoom in using your mouse or increasing the Zoom percentage in your navigation bar.  

2. As you Zoom in, you’ll see that we are replacing the text size to allow you to see more text. 

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3. Additionally, you’ll now notice that the description spreads across the duration of the task, so you no longer need to click into the task to read. 

4. Simply Zoom out or change your Zoom percentage in your navigation bar to see less text from within the task. As you do this, you’ll start seeing the text size increases for the title of the task, but the description no longer appears. 

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Updated Swimlane Shortcuts & Settings 

As part of our November release, we’ve made changes to the Swimlane title. Previously, the plan settings were the distributed in multiple places. Now, we’ve introduced a new menu option via the title bar that lets you easily access the Insights Panel, Weekly Workplan, Access the Trade Settings, and Plan Settings. 


To access the shortcuts: 

1. Simply click on the icon located on the title section of the Swimlane.

2. From here, you’ll see four icons:

a. to access the Insights Panel. 

b. to access the Weekly Work Plan 

c. Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated   to access the Trade Settings 

i. By accessing the Trade Settings icon, you’ll now be able to access the Task Settings, Trade Settings, User Assignment, Variance Reason Settings, and CSV Import Settings (Beta) 

d.Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated to  access the Plan Settings 

i. With the Plan Settings, it’s now consolidated everything that relates to the timeline itself, including Access, Timeline Settings, anew new with this release, Swimlane Settings, and Label Interactivity.  

NEW Swimlane Settings 

The new Swimlane Settings feature allows you to remove and create swimlanes without having to place a placeholder in them. This new feature also allows you to quickly organize your swimlanes in one convenient location. 

To see these new features in action, please watch the below short demo video. 





😎 Pro Tip: Need to change your Swimlane title? Now you can simply click on the title and make the changes – rather than going into the settings to make the updates! 


Core UX Enhancements 

Connector Improvements 

In September we released new connection styles and connection highlighting. The October Release now introduces the connections selections. This allows you to highlight the connector and the related notes – giving you a complete overview of notes aligned within the process.  

To see this in action, review the short demo below. 



November 2022 Release 

The November 2022, Hoylu Product release is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 08, 2022, at 6 p.m. (ET). 


Client Feedback 

We value your feedback and build our Product Roadmap based on industry standards, best practices, and client feature requests. You can submit a feature request anytime, via your Hoylu Resource Center.
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