Hoylu Paper


Paper is an application that allows the user to write on paper and instantly digitize writing which can be used in both Sketch and Flow.

How to Open a New Document

To open a new write document, simply tap the top or bottom colored bar and a pop-up menu will appear. Click on the tab that says “New” and a new document will appear.


How to Save a Document

In order to save your document, tap the top or bottom colored bar with the Anoto Pen. Click on the “Save As” button that appears on the pop-up menu and use the keyboard (on-screen or wireless) to type in the desired filename. Make sure to place the document in a folder where you can easily find it.


How to Get More Paper for the Hoylu System

Simply open the menu in write, click on the Get more paper tab. A website will automatically appear and you’ll see a list of paper options to choose from. Click on the one you want, and the document will automatically open. Simply click on print and you’ll have more paper!


Is Special Paper Needed for the System?

Digital Anoto pattern is required on each page to enable the high-quality capturing of handwritten notes and sketches. The pattern can be printed with most standard laser-printers and a pdf with 30 pages is included with each installation. Additional pages and formats are available on request.



Pen State:  Menu >  Pen State > Shows you the current connected pen

Create a new page:  Menu >  New > Start writing on Paper using Hoylu

Open folder or file:  Menu >  Open > Browse on disk

Saving document:  Menu >  Save As > Select folder

Get Paper:  Menu >  Get Paper > Select type of downloadable format

Help:  Menu >  Help > Select which help resource you want to go to

Software Update:  Menu >  Help >  Click on Check for software update…

Delete current set of Papers:  Menu >Trash

Options: Navigate to  Menu >  Options

  • UI & Input: Select touch or pen support
  • Language: Select preferred language such as English or Spanish
  • Privacy: Select or unselect telemetry data to share performance with Hoylu


  • Group by Pen
  •  Group by Time
  • Group by Type

Exporting document:

  • PDF: On the top bar, click  Export >  PDF
  • SVG: On the top bar, click  Export >  SVG
  • PNG: On the top bar, click  Export >  PNG
  • JPEG: On the top bar, click  Export >  JPEG
  • GIF: On the top bar, click  Export >  GIF