Hoylu Pens

Hoylu Pens provide the most important element of the Connected Workspaces™ software: the interactive operation.

The pens have two sets of tips to use:

1. The plastic tip used for interaction with the screens and HoyluWalls.

2. The ink tip used for writing on the dot pattern paper for use with the Paper software. It is very important that you do not use the ink tips on screens or HoyluWalls. The marks made may permanently damage the surface.


NeoPen Overview

To make it easier to see if a pen is connected, the LED color is teal to show it is connected. The pens will also automatically power on by simply tapping the pen-tip on a writing surface.

Finally, the pen will now also store all data when the pen is powered on but not connected (white LED). This means the pen can be used to take notes during break-out sessions or even short field-trips and the recorded data will sync with the Hoylu software once a Bluetooth connection is established.

LED Color Guide

  • Solid White LED: Pen is turned on but not yet connected – drawing data will be stored in pen memory
  • Pulsing Teal LED: Pen is connected (was pulsing white LED before)
  • Blinking Blue LED: Pen is in pairing mode (press power button for 3 seconds)
  • Blinking Red LED: Pen battery is low
  • Solid Pink LED: Pen has run into an error – please remove and re-insert or replace pen tip

Anoto Digital Pen

In order to have the Anoto Digital Pen or NeoPen working in a proper way, it is recommended to use it within an angle of 50 to 85 degrees.


Hoylu Paper

In order to have the Anoto Digital Pen working in a proper way, it is recommended to use it within an angle of 40 to -20 degrees.





Hoylu Paper

While using the Anoto Digital Pen on paper, keep distance to the edges as the camera – which is inside the pen- is then out of reach and can no longer detect movement.


Updating Firmware for Digital Pen

Follow these instructions to ensure your digital pen is using the latest firmware for NEO Pens.

  • Please visit https://hoylu.com/SupportTools/NeoPenFirmware to download latest firmware update
  •  SAVE the file on your PC (e.g. Desktop)
  •  Double click the file to RUN the NWP_USB_UPDATE  file
  •  CONNECT your Neo Smartpen to your PC with a Micro-USB cable
         Please note that the Micro-USB cable that was shipped with the pen is ONLY A               CHARGING CABLE. You must use a Micro-USB 2.0 cable to update the firmware.
  • Click the OPEN button and the pen’s details should appear (See Figure 1 below).

    **If the “Device Connect Failed” message appears, turn the pen off and on and ensure that you are using a Micro-USB cable and NOT the charging cable** 
    • Click the UPLOAD button to update the pen’s firmware.
    • When “USB BULK CLOSE” message appear, click EXIT button (See Figure 2 below).
    • Disconnect pen from USB cable and pen is ready to use. You may need to pair the pen again with the system.

    Figure 1


    Figure 2