HoyluWall is a fully integrated interactive wall collaboration and computing solution that is designed for group working environments. It provides a virtually infinite amount of digital real estate that is perfect for all types of team meetings such as brainstorming, project planning, design review, and for working on multiple applications at once.

Download for Windows 

System Requirements: Windows 10 (Recommended), 25GB Storage, 8GB Ram



Hoylu Central Overview

I have heard of Hoylu Central, what do I use it for and how do I access it? Hoylu Central is used to configure digital pens to use with HoyluWall.

1 From Windows Menu, select Hoylu Central

2 Select Help

3 Version appears in the bottom right hand corner


Hoylu Wall Equipment and How It Works

The Hoylu collaboration software works in conjunction with the micro dot pattern screen material and interactive pens. The dot pattern is 680dpi and each dot has it’s own coordinates. The pens have a small sensor in tip that detects the dot pattern on the screen and printed dot pattern paper. The dot pattern then tells the pen where it is in relation to the entire screen. The pens then talk to the PC via Bluetooth, so their interaction is then reflected on the screen.

The pen has two sets of tips to use. The first is the plastic tip used for interaction with the HoyluWall screen. The second is a pen tip used for writing on the printed micro dot pattern paper. It is very important that you do not use the pen tips on the HoyluWall itself. The marks made may be permanent and could damage the surface.

For the optimal performance when using the pen on the HoyluWall, make sure that the pen camera (recessed part of the front the pen) is under the pen tip and you are angling the pen between 50 and 80 degrees to the HoyluWall surface. When using the pen with the printed micro dot pattern paper ensure that the paper is flat and not curved as that can cause the pen to misread of the dot pattern.


Recalibrate HoyluWall

When your HoyluWall images looks out of alignment, you may need to recalibrate.

1 Go to your Desktop, right-click your mouse

2 Select “ScalableDesktop” (See Figure 1 below)

3 Select “Recalibrate” (See Figure 1 below)

4 When the Neo Pen is connected, Click Next

5 Using a connected and active pen, tap the dots that appear on the screen in order (See Figure 2 below)

  1. The more accurate you are on hitting the points the better the calibration will be
  2. If fail to tap the correct spot on any of the points, hit the ESC key and start over

6 Once you completed tapping all the points a new message will appear (See Figure 3 below)

7 Select “Save and Close” button

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Recalibrating Digital Pens

On a regular basis, the HoyluWall pens need to be recalibrated to ensure all systems are optimized.

1 Open Hoylu Central

2 Select Calibrate the wall

3 A menu will open showing the screens to be calibrate, select all the screens that you want to calibrate.


Using the Physical Tool Palette

The physical tool palette allows you to do everything you would with the digital tool palette. Just tap the function you want to use, for instance the eraser, and now you can use the eraser on the wall.

The dot pattern that is used on the screen has also been used in a set of pallets that come with the system. These pallets are pre-programed and can be used by the interactive pens. These pallets allow you to use most of the functionality of the pallets on the screen. To use the physical pallet simply tap the section to change the behavior of your pallet on the screen.