Hoylu's New Release Cycle

At Hoylu, we are rolling out new product features and enhancements faster than ever before! To get these features and enhancements into your hands quickly, we introduce monthly releases. Monthly releases allow us to be more agile and responsive to your needs.

Beginning with the February ’22 release, the updated product release cycle includes only monthly releases.

  • Monthly releases will typically occur on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Releases include new features, enhancements, and defect corrections (bugs)

Hoylu Release Guides

Upon each release, release guides will be provided and stored in the Hoylu Knowledgebase. Specific changes to our products — our adaptive workspaces, integrations with JIRA, and so on — can be found in the Hoylu Knowledgebase. You can search our revised knowledge base any time – it’s available 24/7 to provide training and guidance on utilizing the innovative features of Hoylu.