Jira Integration

-Before getting started
-Setting up Jira application link within Jira
-Obtaining Jira Bot User API token in Jira
-Setting up Jira integration in the Management Portal
-Logging in to Jira to manage tickets within Hoylu


Before getting started


Verify when in the Workspace your accessibility to Jira. If you see either of the following popups appear please follow the prompts to gain access.

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 11.44.38 AMScreen Shot 2021-07-15 at 11.44.24 AM

Figure 1: Jira Accessibility Pop-ups 


Setting up Jira application link within Jira



Hoylu needs to be added as an application link for the integration to work properly. 

1. Login to Jira 

2. Set up on Jira Cloud see 2a, Set up on Jira Server see 2b

2a. Jira Cloud: Select Products under Settings. under the Products tab, select Application links

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.46.47 AM

Figure 2: Jira Cloud Set Up


2b. Jira Server: As an Admin, select Applications, then select Application links.

image (1)-1  image (2)-1

    Figure 3: Jira Server Set-Up

3. Enter https://www.hoylu.com and click "Create new link"

4. Ignore the warning, and click "Continue"

5. On the next screen, 
  • Enter "Hoylu Jira integration" as the Application Name.
  • Make sure that the Application Type is set to "Generic Application"
  • Make sure the "Create incoming link" checkbox is checked.
  • Click "Continue" to next screen.
6. On the next screen,
  • Enter "HOYLU" as the Consumer Key (Use capital letters)
  • Enter "HOYLU" as the  Consumer Name. (Use capital letters)
  • Enter the following in the Public Key field:


7. Select Continue to confirm.

✏️Note: The Consumer Key must be entered in all capitals. 

Obtaining Jira Bot User API token in Jira

Hoylu uses a Jira account with at least read-only Jira access to keep Jira tickets up-to-date.
You can either use an existing Jira user or create a new one for this.
The user will only be used to read Jira tickets - it does not update (write) any info in Jira

The Bot authenticates using a user API token that is saved in the Hoylu management Portal

1. Open Jira in your web browser

2. Open your profile and settings

3. Select the Security tab

4. Create and manage API token


Set up Jira Integration in Management Portal


1. Login to the Management Portal

2. Select the Integrations tab

3. Select the Jira tab

4. Fill in the required information for each field

✏️Note: Create a new account in Jira for the Jira Bot, and use the email address of that new account here when filling in your credentials. 

5. Select Confirm when complete

6. If you are looking to update your information, please repeat the steps as listed. 

✏️Note: When setting up the Jira Token prior to logging into the Hoylu Management portal, Select the copy button to easily fill in the field required above. 


Logging in to Jira to manage tickets within Hoylu


1. When in the Hoylu Workspace, Select the import/export icon on the menu top right corner of the Workspace

2. Select Import from Jira on the Jira pop up

✏️Note: When opening the Jira Import dialog for the first time all drop-downs are disabled and the update spinner is active in the top right corner

3. Enter Jira credentials in additional pop up

4. Once credentials are confirmed, Select Allow.


Having an issue with setup? Please contact Support@Hoylu.com or submit a ticket here for additional help.