Jira Integration - Security & Privacy

Connection Security

When setting up Jira integration in management portal, make sure to use HTTPS Urls only (e.g.: https://my-jira-instance.atlassian.com). This way communication between Hoylu services and Jira is encrypted using HTTPS/TLS (TCP Port 443). Make sure to whitelist https://id.atlassian.com as that is the URL used for the OAuth popup.

Which data from Jira will be stored in Hoylu?

When a Jira issue is imported into Hoylu, all supported fields of that issue also get stored in our service in order to limit load on the Jira service. Those include the description field as well as assignee, reporter and similar user fields. The content of the user field depends on what the Jira service/server delivers, but it may include username, email and account-id.

To import a Jira issue, the user needs to be logged into Jira. A user can only import Jira issues he/she has access to.

Jira issue data is stored in the workspace. It can be accessed by anyone that has access to the workspace and it gets deleted together with the workspace. Editing a Jira issue requires the user to log into Jira with Jira credentials (OAuth). All changes made by the user will be tracked as such in Jira.

Having an issue with setup? Please contact Support@hoylu.com or submit a ticket here for additional help.