Kanban: Quick Start Guide

How can I start using a Kanban Module?

Hoylu's Kanban Module can be used to move work items through different phases of time or stages of development. Its multi-column layout makes it great for checklists and making sure all your work is progressing in a timely manner. 

To begin a Kanban Module:

1. Go to your Dashboard on app.hoylu.com

2. Click the Kanban Tile in the Create Workspace section

3. Title your Workspace

4. Select the amount of columns you would like to use


                                                  Figure 1: Selecting Kanban

🚧 Caution: You will not be able to change the number of columns once you create the Workspace. If you need to have more or fewer columns, you must create a new Kanban Module.


Once your new Kanban Workspace opens, you are free to use the existing format and column labels or you can customize them.

To edit or customize the headers above the columns:

1. Choose any Selection Tool (Lasso or Harpoon) in your Toolbox

2. Click on the object you wish to change

3. Follow the padlock prompts to unlock the item from the background

                                                     Figure 2: Editing Headers

You can now edit the style, color, and format of any of the existing labels. 

                                               Figure 3: Editing Style, Color, Format

A great visual feature of Hoylu's Kanban Module is its color changing abilities when you move a note to a new column. As you move notes across columns, the notes will change colors to match each column's header color. 

                                           Figure 4:
Kanban Color Change Feature