Pen, Marker, and Highlighter

-ToolBox Edits

-Editing from Context Menu

How do I use the drawing tools in Hoylu?

Hoylu offers three types of drawing tools: a Pen and Marker, which have varying degrees of thickness, and then a Highlighter that appears translucent. 

The user can easily change the type of drawing tool, its color, thickness, and opacity.



Figure 1: Tool Selection


ToolBox Edits

1. Open ToolBox.

2. Select Pen, Marker, or Highlighter

3. Select thickness and color from Toolbox.


Figure 2:  Editing Color and Thickness From the Toolbox.



Editing from Context Menu

After a drawing has been made, you can access several options available to that element like Duplicate, Copy, Cut, and Delete.

1. Select an object with a Selection Tool.

2. Open the Context Menu.



Figure 3:  Duplicate, Copy, Cut, and Delete


3. From the Context Menu, you can select the thickness, color, and opacity.


Figure 4: Thickness, Color, and Opacity


✏️Note: The Highlighter does not have an option to change the opacity as it already has a default low opacity setting.