Pull Planning: User Guide

- Opening and Closing Week Views
- Setting Swimlane Labels
- Changing Swimlane Color
- Adding Milestones
- Creating and Deleting Tasks
- Task Status
- Connecting Tasks

Opening and Closing Week Views

To expand or close a week, click on the square Week icon to show a day-to-day view. 

Figure 1: Expanding Weeks

Setting Swimlane Labels

To set Swimlane Labels:

 1. Select the 3 dot menu on the original Label

2. Select the edit icon

3. Insert the desired title

4. Select the confirm icon

                              Figure 2: Setting Swimlane Labels

Changing Swimlane Color

To change the Swimlane Color: 

1. Select the Swimlane Label

2. Select the Color icon to open color options

3. Select the desired color

                                           Figure 3: Changing Swimlane Color


Adding Milestones

To add a Milestone to the Pull Plan:

1. Choose a color of the Milestone from the edge of the Toolbox.

2. Drag and drop a Milestone Sticky from the Toolbox at the top of the Pull Plan, above the dark gray bar.

3. Label the Milestone


Figure 4: Adding a Milestone

✏️ Note: Make sure you add the Milestone above the dark gray bar so it will snap to grid and show a diamond marker on subsequent swimlanes. 

Creating and Deleting Tasks

To create a Task:

1. Open the Inbox.

2. Select the Plus icon on the bottom right corner.

3. Select the Owner from the drop-down menu.

4. Type in the Title.

5. Include a Description of the Task, which can be the acceptance criteria, critical details, or any other pertinent information. 

                                                Figure 5: Creating a New Task

6. Set the number of Days that the Task is going to take.

7. Set the amount of People involved in this Task.

8. Add any pertinent Links (to other webpages and even other Workspaces).

9. When everything is set, click the Save button, and you can drag and drop your Tasks from the Inbox and onto the Pull Plan. 

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Figure 6: Adding a New Task

To remove a Task that has been dropped into the Module:

1. Click on the Task.

2. Press the Delete or Backspace buttons on your keyboard.

Additionally, you can use the Context Menu to remove the Task:

1. Click on the Task.

2. Open the Context Menu.

3. Click the Trash icon. 

Either of these actions will preserve the Task in the Inbox.

       Figure 7: Duplicate, Copy, Cut, Trash and Edit with Context Menu

To delete the Task from the Inbox:

1. Open your Inbox

2. Find the Task.

3a. Drag and drop the Task to the Trash icon on the bottom right corner.

3b. Click on the Task and click the Delete button on the bottom left.

Figure 8:  Deleting a Task

Task Status

Once you've prepared your Tasks, you can drag and drop directly from the Inbox and onto the Pull Plan.

      Figure 9: Placing a Task on the Pull Plan

Each Task displays small icons that indicate duration (number of days it takes to complete the task), necessary crewsize (indicating the number of people needed each day) and any links (if added). It will also show the Title and some of the Description, but you can double click on the Task to open it and see all the details in full.

By default, new Tasks dropped into the Pull Plan are statused as Planned, indicated by a Calendar icon on the right side of the Task. Once a Task can move to the next status, you can click on the icon and change its status to Committed, and it will transform the Calendar to a Padlock. 

🚧  Caution: The Task can no longer be moved or modified unless clicked back into a Planned state by the Administrator of the Workspace.


                 Figure 10: Setting Status to Committed

When statusing as Complete, the icon on the Task will change to a Check Mark. 

         Figure 11: Setting Status to Complete

To status a Task as Incomplete:

1. Click the Padlock icon.

2. Select the Incomplete status on the pop-up. 

3. Find and choose the correct Variance Reason.

4. Drag and drop the newly duplicated Task to another day that does not overlap with the original. 

Figure 12: Setting status to Incomplete

✏️ Note: A small x will appear on the bottom of the duplicated Task to show how many times it has been marked Incomplete.

The correct path for setting status is Planned, Committed, Complete/Incomplete. Whenever a user changes the order, a prompt will be displayed. Select Confirm or Cancel accordingly. 

Figure 13: Confirm or Cancel change of status

Connecting Tasks

You can draw Connection lines from one Task to another to show Dependencies. Hover over a Task until the circular pin appears on the top and then drag it to another Task.

Figure 14: Connecting Tasks


 You can further customize the connection by clicking directly on the line and choosing from the pop-up. You can change the style and color of the line or delete it. 

Figure 15: Changing Connection Style

🚧 Caution: Make sure you are drawing the lines from left to right in the correct flow of time. They cannot overlap, otherwise both Tasks will glow red, denoting a conflict as dependent Tasks cannot occur simultaneously.