Sample Workspaces

Welcome to our list of Sample Workspaces, we hope this sparks creativity for your future planning sessions!

- Agile Workspace Samples 
- Construction Workspace Samples
- Project Management Samples
- Workshop Samples
- Manufacturing Samples 
- General Collaboration Samples
- LEAN Planning Samples
- Design Thinking Samples
- Team Meeting Samples
-Education & Training Samples
-Marketing Workspace Samples 

Agile Workspace Samples: 

Agile Sequencing & Dependency Board:

PI Planning Group Space:

Construction Workspace Samples: 

Construction Dashboard:

Daily Huddles:

Project Management Samples: 

Road Map and Dependencies:

Sales Account Planning:


Workshop Samples: 

Journey Mapping:

How Might We:

Problem Solving:

Lightning Decision Jam:

Manufacturing Samples: 

Supply Chain Mapping:

General Collaboration Samples:

Mind Mapping:

Event Planning:

Team Planning Session:

Team Games:

How Might We:

Six Thinking Hats:

Stop Start Continue:

SWOT Analysis:

Lean Planning Samples: 

Lean Coffee:

A3 Problem Solving:

Design Thinking Samples: 

Design Thinking:

App Design:

Team Meeting Samples: 

Memorialized Weekly Meeting:


Education & Training Samples: 

Onboarding Workspace:

Classroom Workspace:


Marketing Workspace Samples: 

Social Media Planning and Approvals:

Annual Report Revisions: