Using Selection Tools

Hoylu offers three types of Selection Tools.

Lasso, Note Select, and Harpoon. 


The Lasso is used to select elements by drawing a circle around them. It's a tool used for the general selection of elements. 

1. Open Toolbox and Select the Lasso icon.

2. Click and Drag over objects you'd like to select. 



Figure 1:  Lasso Select

Note Select

The Note Select allows for the selection of only Sticky Notes to prevent picking up something else in the background or foreground like drawn lines or emojis. 

1. Open Toolbox and Select the Note Select icon.

2. Click and Drag over notes you'd like to select. 


Figure 2: Note Select.



The Harpoon allows you to select multiple elements just by dragging your cursor through elements, so it's best if you're wanting to select only specific things amongst a group. 

1. Open Toolbox and Select the Harpoon icon.

2. Click and Drag over objects you'd like to select. 


Figure 3: Harpoon Selection.


✏️Note: After selecting an object on the Workspace you can move the menu so it won't obscure your view. Just open the menu, grab its edge and move it.

                                      Figure 4: Changing the position of the Menu.


Command- Click


You can also use the Command Key on your keyboard to individually select multiple objects within the Workspace.

1. Hold down the Command Key on your keyboard
2. Select each item you'd like to edit/move by clicking with your mouse or keypad


  Figure 5: Command-Click