Sketch: Quick Start Guide

Sketch is a freeform workspace in which you can draw, edit, import files, and so much more. Our Connected Workspaces™ applications are meant to be easy to use without any manuals or extensive learning so our best advice is to just start creating!

Opening and Creating A Workspace

Create documents with a pre-installed template or a custom template.

Open A Saved Workspace (Saved file on computer):
Menu >  Open >  Browse on disk > Select Document

Open An Existing Shared Workspace:
Menu >  Open >  Open Shared > Type in 9 Digit Document ID

Create New Workspace:
Menu >  New >  Select template or  Select custom template



Share a document with other Sketch users to collaborate in real time at any time. Simply provide the unique 9-digit code found in the Share menu.

  • Menu >  Share >  Choose a title for your document:
    • Optional:  Set Password
    • Share via 9-digit workspace ID, QR Code, or a link to our web version that allows Guest view only access.

Adding Text

Adding and editing text is easy with multiple input options. Either just start writing on your workspace once the pen tool is selected on a touch screen, or double click to type.

Keyboard Input:

  • Just draw a straight line, once flashing simply start typing
  • Double tap to add text

Touch or Pen Input:

  • Write directly into the workspace using a stylus or your finger

Edit through sub-menu:

  • Select the lasso or harpoon tool to manipulate your text into any size
  • Convert handwriting to text
  • Edit text

Importing into a Workspace

Assemble and differentiate your Workspace from others with the import option. The import option allows you to add many different objects directly into your workspace. Try the drag and drop function from the menu and your native files too!

Menu >  Import >  Icons > Drag and drop icon
You can change the color of your shapes at the top before using in a workspace.

Menu >  Import >  Emojis > Drag and drop emoji

Menu > Import > Shapes > Drag and drop shape
You can change the color of your shapes at the top before using in a workspace.

Menu >  Import >  Images >  Add folder or Browse folders > Select desired folder > Drag and drop image into the workspace.
Or from your file finder you can drag and drop any image into the workspace.

PDF Documents:
 Menu >  Import >  PDF Document >  Browse to open file finder > Select PDF

PowerPoint Presentations:
Menu >  Import >  PowerPoint presentations > Browse to open file finder > Select PowerPoint

BIM Objects:
Menu >  Import >  BIM object > Drag and drop desired product


Working with Objects in your Workspace

Each object in a workspace can be selected with the lasso tool from the palette. Once selected you will be given a menu with 2 sub-menus.

1  Main Object Menu

  • Duplicate
  • Copy
  •  Cut
  •  Delete

 Left Sub Menu: Formatting

  • To Front
  •  Edit
  •  Export
  •  To Back
  •  Background
  • Add/Edit Link
  •  Convert to Text

Right Sub Menu: Edit

  •  Stroke Thickness
  • Color Selection
  •  Opacity