-Adding a Note

-Resizing a Note

-Editing Text within a Note

-Notes to Shapes
-Shape Edits

-Note Context Menu

-Adding links to a Note

-Removing a link

-Connecting Notes

-Editing Connection between Notes

What can we do with Notes?

One of the main features of Hoylu are Notes. They allow the presentation of information in a clear and organized manner, more so than just plain text.


Adding a Note

To add a Note to the Workspace.

1. Drag it from the Toolbox and drop it into the Workspace.


Figure 1: Adding Sticky Notes

You can also add notes by:

  1. Using the Hoylu Toolbox, click on the Sticky Note icon and drag to your Workspace.
  2. Double-Click anywhere in the Workspace to create a new Sticky Note. The same settings (colors, shape, etc.) you had with your last note, will now remain with the new Sticky Note.
  3. Additionally, to make this more visible, you can also click once, and an indicator box will appear. Click the indicator box again and the Sticky Note will appear.

Resizing a Note

You can drag a Note to the Workspace and when it appears it will have blue corner points to adjust. 

1. Click and drag any of the corner points to adjust the shape.


                                      Figure 2: Resizing Notes.


You can also resize a Note by selecting it with one of the selection tools.

1. When the yellow Halo appears around the object, select and drag the cursor outward or inward to stretch the object.


                                  Figure 3: Resizing Notes with Halo 


Editing Text within a Note

To edit the text within a Note you must: 

1. Drag and drop a Note into the Workspace.

2. Verify you're in the edit view by locating the rich text tool.

3. Change font and font style by selecting the font icon and text style icon.

4. Change the font size by selecting the font size icon or selecting the up / down arrows in the rich text tool

5. Change the text color as well as note color by using the text color icon and background icon in the rich text tool

6. Adjust the text alignment by selecting the alignment icon in the rich text tool.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.38.55 AM

Figure 4: Rich Text Tool Layout

Note to Shape

To change a Note to a Shape:

1. Drag and drop a Note into the Workspace.

2. Within the edit mode of a Note select the ABC icon.

3. Select the Shape you'd like your Note to change to. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.56.31 AM

                                         Figure 5: Shapes Icon and Edit Options

Shape Edits

 Outline your Shape

1. Within the edit mode, select the border icon.

2. Select border color, and size


Make your Shape translucent

1. Within the edit mode, select the background icon

2. Select the Shape background color and transparency


Figure 6: Changing Outline and Opacity of Shapes

✏️Note:  When trying to change an outline or opacity of a Shape be sure the object is a Shape and not a Note. (You will want to click and drag the desired shape from the Toolbox in order to see this feature) 

Note Context Menu

Using the Context Menu on a Note you can Duplicate, Copy, Cut, and Delete a Note.

1. Select an existing Note and use any of the Selection Tools.

2. Click on Context Menu and Select Duplicate, Copy, Cut, or Delete for editing.


            Figure 6: Duplicate, Copy, Cut, and Delete.


✏️Note: You can also right-click to immediately open the Context Menu.


You can change the color of the Sticky from within the same Menu by finding the color palette icon on the center-left.


                                      Figure 7: Change Color


Adding Links to a Note:

Within a note, you can add a link to a URL. When a user selects this link they are taken to the URL in a separate tab or window. 

1. Select the Note you want to add a link to with one of the selection tools in the Toolbox or by right-clicking on the note.

2. Select the Menu Icon

3. Select the Link Icon from the menu

4. In the pop-up: type or paste the link and select Apply. The hyperlink will appear as an icon in the top left corner of the Note.


Figure 8: Adding a Link to a Note


Removing a Link:

To remove the link you've added to a note: 

1. Select the Note you want to remove a link from with one of the selection tools in the Toolbox or by right-clicking on the Note.

2. Select the Menu Icon

3. Select the Link Icon from the menu

4. In the pop-up: Select Remove Link

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 9.59.59 AM

Figure 9: Removing a Link


Connecting Notes

Notes can be Connected to other Notes by clicking and dragging from pin to pin. This feature helps show relationships, sequences, or dependencies in a Workspace. 

1. At the top of each Note is a circle called a PIN. Select and hold the pin on the first Note. 

2. Drag your cursor to the Note you want to Connect to the first Note. 

✏️Note: The arrow will flow in the direction in relation to the sequence in which you've selected the Notes. If you select a Note the Connected Notes will highlight with a blue shadow for easier recognition. 


                    Figure 10: Connecting Notes



Editing Connection between Notes

Each connection can be customized by changing the format of the connection from curved to straight, and its color. Different formats and colors can represent different relationships between notes easily. 

To Edit the Connection: 

1. Select the Connection Line you want to edit. 

2. Select either the Color Palette to change the color of the Line or select the Format icon to change the line behavior from curvy to straight. 

3. To Remove or Delete a Connection select the Trash Can icon in this menu. 


                           Figure 11: Changing the Color and Format of the Connection