Adding a Textbox

Hoylu allows you to place text directly on the Workspace. 

1. Select the text tool in the toolbox and click into a blank space on your Workspace.

2. Verify you're in the edit view by locating the rich text tool.

3. Change font and font style by selecting the font icon and text style icon.

4. Change the font size by selecting the font size icon or selecting the up / down arrows in the rich text tool

5. Change the text color by using the text color icon in the rich text tool

6. Adjust the text alignment by selecting the alignment icon in the rich text tool.

7. Confirm or Delete text by using the side pop-up menu and the designated icons.

8. Change the Textbox into a Shape or Note by using the shapes icon in the side pop-up menu.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.15.25 PM


Figure 1: Rich Text Tool Layout and Side Menu for Text Tool.

✏️Note: You can select and edit the text field by double-clicking it while in the text tool mode.


You can also change the color by:

1. Selecting the text using your Move tool or a Selection Tool.

2. Opening the Menu.

3. Selecting a new color on the palette


Figure 2: Changing the Text Color with Menu 


When needed, you can delete the text by:

1. Selecting the text while in a Selection tool or the Move tool.

2. Opening the Subcontext menu.

3. Selecting the Trash icon.  


Figure 3: Deleting a Textbox